The city in vain

The city in vain
"The city in vain" is a poem about industrialization and is written by Antima Baidya (,Out).

Previously, we published the poem The story unknown and gave the poetess the advice, to use a poetry related Instagram account to publish any new poems. She send us the poem The city in vain, a poem about industrialization.

About the poem

The industrialization of this planet we live on started with the period we now know as the Industrial Revolution. This period in world history started around the year 1760 and ended in the nineteenth century. People discovered other production methods. These production methods demanded raw materials. In order to provide food for the machine tools to function, there was a great demand of these raw materials or commodities.

The Industrial Revolution between the eighteenth and nineteenth century is also considered as the first of several revolutions. Even today, we can consider the new developments we use on almost daily basis as an advancement. But to what cause? This is the message that Antima Baidya brings forward in her poem The city in vain.

This poem is written as a message for all of us. The way we treat the planet we live on, is something to consider. Development isn’t always a good option to consider, according to Antima.

The way the climate has changed, due to industrialization is a big issue. According to science, the impact of the industrialization on this planet is very big. Instead of being distrustful, when it comes to scientific research, it is better to think about how we can change things.


The city in vain

The city in vain

I was given a land of life,
A land of rising sun,
An airy canopy overhead,
A land lying before us
With million coloured fields.

But I was sick of desires,
Turned the earth in a concrete one,
I smudged the colours,
On the way to make my desired world,
Then why now repentance is all my heart feels?

Antima Baidya /

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Antima publishes her work on Facebook and Instagram.


The city in vain
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The city in vain
A poem about industrialization and the way we turned this Earth into a concrete place.
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The Ministry of Poetic Affairs
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