The colour of blood

The colour of blood

Under the pen name Visionarythoughts68, Nadia writes her poems. This poem is about natural colours and how they can indirectly reflect the location they can be found.

Nadia on InstagramAbout Nadia

As said, on Instagram Nadia uses the pen name Visionarythoughts68. On Instagram, she uses a layout that corresponds to each poem. In a positive and good way of course.

She writes what ever thoughts come to mind and transforms them into poetry. It helps her to make sense of her world. The good part, for her, is that is also helps her to organize the thoughts in her head. This leads to an interesting collection on her Instagram profile.

Nadia decided to not only submit her poem The colour of blood, but to also apply for an username for her website. We look forward reading her thoughts as well on

About The colour of blood

This poem is about how we see colours in nature and they can indirectly show us the characteristics of the location they can be found in. And hey, it lead to an interesting poem, about how people think and things we should fear.

The colour of blood

By Visionarythoughts68

The colour of blood

maybe the colour of
blood is made to be
red to emphasise the
fact that human
beings are more
dangerous on the
inside where their
thoughts reside, than
the outside where
their actions are the
face of their


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