The crazed moon

The crazed moon

William Butler Yeats, who doesn’t love his poetry? The crazed moon, a poem where the poet expresses his deepest feelings for the moon. This is poetry as it should be: fine and with a little over excitement!

About The crazed moon

The poem is consindered a classic poem. Nature at her best, one might say. It is as if we can close our eyes, whenever someone reads this poem out loud, and see what Yeats saw, when he so perfectly described this crazed

The crazed moon

The crazed moon

By William Butler Yeats

Crazed through much child-bearing
The moon is staggering in the sky;
Moon-struck by the despairing
Glances of her wandering eye
We grope, and grope in vain,
For children born of her pain.

Children dazed or dead!
When she in all her virginal pride
First trod on the mountain’s head
What stir ran through the countryside
Where every foot obeyed her glance!
What manhood led the dance!

Fly-catchers of the moon,
Our hands are blenched, our fingers seem
But slender needles of bone;
Blenched by that malicious dream
They are spread wide that each
May rend what comes in reach.

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