The depressed lot

The depressed lot

Another poem written by the talented poet Henry Ernest Ejiofor (Tyler Heinz). This poem is called The depressed lot.

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The depressed lot

By Henry Ernest Ejiofor (Tyler Heinz)

The depressed lot

Ink and words,

Burdened thoughts

Or emotions bright,

Storm in head,

Aching chest.

Depressed mind, deep insight;

Mostly depressed

I often find

The emotional road

Too steep to walk,

The currents beneath

Too shallow to dive.

It never ends just as you thought;

If ever you saw end in sight.

Beyond these bends

There’s a tunnel alright,

But, at the end no lights lie,

Just the pitch black darkness thrives.

The option’s mine:

Writing’s fine…

Rythm and rhymes

And possible lines


Dance about wildly inside my head;

The words I mime.

Pen in hand and ink loaded,

I free the bird from its cage

And spill my mind

Unto waiting page.

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