The edge of the sword of light

The edge of the sword of light

Daniel Lira wrote the poem The edge of the sword of light. A poem about the difficulties people face, when war breaks out.

About Daniel

Daniel lives in Brazil and is eighteen years-old. When he is not writing, he watches basketball and soccer.

Daniel publishes his work on Instagram as Loose Verses.

About The edge of the sword of light

Daniel has the following to tell abou this poem:

This poem is talking about how difficult is the time when happens wars. But, even with the difficulties, we have to carry on to reach best times. Sometimes we have to fight to live in freedom.

The edge of the sword of light

The edge of the sword of light

Hey, Lord of the Armies, bring us the sword to the combat.
Please, give us strength to fight your battle
And make our hearts brave and wild.
We left many broken chains inside the castle!

Glory and pleasure has been feeding from shadows.
But, in the darkness, there’s no place to a kindness reign
Because now light shine out of the cradle.
Everyone must know the aim!

Wait and see thy glory in the hymnal.
God, please show me the way to survive.
The piper’s corruption killing rats as a cycle.
He is going to know the power of your sword of light.

Danger is coming to fall from the edge.
Duality is raging to take a place.
Goodness and evil try to pierce my head.
Fury and greed for the coin melted by disgrace.

Warlord, rip my tears away!
Hold me when I get a fright.
Warlord, please, let me to stay!

Warlord, let me live the life!
We have the chance to seize the day.
Warlord, help me to hold thy sword of light!

Daniel Lira ( Loose Verses)

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