The Emily Dickinson Story

The Emily Dickinson Month is almost over. We look back at an interesting month, with a lot of poems and background articles about this American poetess. This is the Emily Dickinson Story through the eyes of one of our editors: Harm Jagerman.

It has not been the easiest task we put ourselves to. A month filled with information about Emily Elizabeth Dickinson. More than 130 years after she died, this poetess is still “alive.” Her poetry is everywhere and it inspires so many of us.

One could ask the question why we did all of this. There isn’t just one reason. The fact that her poetry is greatly appreciated by many and the fact that her work is shared a lot on social media, were important motives to start this Emily Dickinson Month. Yes, we could have waited until it was 190 years ago when she was born. Or we could have waited a few more years, to commemorate her death (15-05-1886). At The Ministry of Poetic Affairs, we do things differently. Therefore, we decided to pay tribute in the last month of 2017 to this magnificent poetess.

Yes, we do things differently than others. Some still think that we only publish our articles on social media. They tend to forget that we are in the first place an online poetry magazine with a real website. Therefore, we decide to take it a step further. When it comes to promoting the work of others, we always make sure that there is a longer story. The reason for us to do this: make sure that the promoted poetry can be found, without any limitations when it comes to certain social media platforms. This doesn’t mean, we don’t like social media. We love it!

We also love the work of Dickinson. Her work is so inspiring. Sometimes, it is an eye-opener; look forward and be amazed. When reading those carefully selected words, one can see things that are considered as obvious. They aren’t. They are all part of this beautiful world we live in and we take for granted.

William Butler Yeats

The Emily Dickinson Story doesn’t end on December 31st. Her story will continue, even on our website. Yes, the articles about her work and life will be limited over the next few months. In January, we will pay tribute to another great poet: William Butler Yeats. In September 2018, it is seventy years ago that his body was reburied at the graveyard in Drumcliffe (Sligo, Ireland). Yeats died on January 28, 1939, in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin (France).

William Butler Yeats is another poet, who formed a great inspiration for many others. Therefore, the Emily Dickinson Story will be followed up by the story of William Butler Yeats.

Good news

The good news about this: you can also write a review of a poem written by William Butler Yeats. So, pick up your pen and tell us what poem is inspiring for you. Send your essay(s) to [email protected].

The Emily Dickinson Story
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The Emily Dickinson Story
It's almost time to end the Emily Dickinson Month.
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The Ministry of Poetic Affairs

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