The empathy of Debanjana

This is a poem about empathy, written by Debanjaja Majumder. She considers this poem to be very close to her heart.

Debanjana MajumderAbout Debanjana

We featured a poem of her before. As you know, we can feature poets more than once. She publishes her work on Instagram. Click here to visit her profile.

About the poem

When we asked Debanjana about the motivation to write this poem, she gave us the following answer:

“The poem is very close to my heart. It reflects my inner conflicts. I’ve been told by many that in order to survive in this world, I need to stop being good to every person around me irrespective of how they treat me. For sometime I believed what I was told and I began to realise that I was losing myself. Losing myself in a world where nobody belongs to anybody and all we have to call ours is our sanity and heart. I had to write my way through my confusion to find an answer and that’s what I did.”

This poem does not only shows the empathy, but is also shows her determination to continue. A motivational and inspirational poem.

My empathy and kindness are not my
weaknesses but strenghts. These are the
qualities that make me unique. These are the
traits that make me stand out from the rest.
If I lose these, I lose myself. And I can’t let
that happen

Debanjana Majumder

The empathy of Debanjana
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The empathy of Debanjana
Read more about the inspirational and motivational poem written by Debanjana Majumder.
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