The Internet Friend

The Internet Friend

The Internet Friend is about the online friends we make and is written by Heartsy Tales

About the poet

I go by the username @heartsytales and I write out the emotions that I can’t contain in my heart.

About the poem

This is dedicated to the internet friends we all have from our various fandoms , the unsung heroes.

The Internet Friend

By Heartsy Tales

The Internet Friend
Thousands of miles apart,
Yet closest to the heart
Sharing the same interest,
The one who knows me the best
Just like how paper is lifeless without ink,
Its only before you, I unmask the hidden
Without you, I would lose my soul in a brink
Would only want you as a friend in a billion
Just like how the sun though distant, brings light
Your mere presence, makes my life bright
Maybe our paths will cross one day,
Just want to hug you and thank you, that’s all I pray.


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