The ivy, the viper and the fox, or Tarderia verses

The ivy, the viper and  the fox, or Tarderia verses

Let us introduce Giovanni Orecchio. A poet who has been writing since he was twelve years old. This is his poem The ivy, the viper and  the fox, or Tarderia verses . An impressive poem, written by this Italian poet.

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Giovanni (1994) is born in Catania, Sicily (Italy). He has been writing poetry since he was twelve years old. He found that this was the only thing he really loved doing. Since then, a lot has happend or as he calls it Time passes and shit happens. What remained was his strong feelings about writing.

Now he is in his twenties, and writing poetry is still what he does. He writes in Italian and English. Sometimes this feels like a hard thing to do, when it comes to his emotions.

Writing to me is sometimes like pulling out a splinter from the chest, like a natural act, like being scared by something or like throwing a speare.

The metaphor used here, could be considered as poetry itself! This poet, has seen much of the world. He traveled to various European destinations, the United States and Cuba. After his studies at a humanistic high school and universitary courses, he decided to find a job. 

As for his work, he wants to find an (Italian) publisher, who is interested in his work. Even when many people say to him, that poetry doesn’t really sell in Italy. The way he writes, this should make a difference!

About The ivy, the viper and the fox, or Tarderia verses

Let’s use the words of Giovanni to describe this poem:

There is a house near the Etna vulcano (Tarderia) and my friends and me spend some days there, to remember we were free for a while. Playing music, writing, painting, eating together, watching the fireplace.

Tarderia. Photo: Giovanni Orecchio. 

The house doesn’t have a central heathing system. Internet isn’t available. This is back to basic. At night, they drove to the vulcano and watch the eruptions. This location was the basis to write the beautiful poem.



The ivy, the viper and  the fox, or Tarderia verses

The ivy, the viper and  the fox, or Tarderia verses

By Giovanni Orecchio

In the garden
In the garden ivies and chestnuts grow.
And the ivy is turning to red
because Fall demands it.
Fall demands it
and beings obey.

In the garden
the viper is drowsing,
mostly motionless
and elegant, and mortal,
Hissing in one corner,
before disappearing for many months,
cause winter is terrifying and freezing.
No wild cat is passing by.
In its reptilian guts a rat is digested.
In its reptilian guts a rat is digested.

In the garden
with clear blue eyes
rarely a fox passes by,
She seeks for some fat dove,
or silence,
or chilly water straws
leaking from a broken tap.
Then she flees away.

The garden falls in darkness,
and the night tastes of wood and blood and honey and iron
and coal and smoke and lymph and ash;
while inside the house
and humanoids and junkies and leeches and
anthropomorphic reptiles and amphibians
are just waking up
for drinking,
hellish muddy tunes,
and light the fire up.

It’s clear that this location that Giovanni visited inspired him to write. Nature can do that sometimes. Instead of just a few lines, he send us this impressive poem. We can only hope, that his work does get published in the future. We are proud to provide a platform for Giovanni and his work!

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