The jar of hearts

The jar of hearts

Under the pen name Miss Anonymous she writes beautiful poetry. She publishes her work on Instagram. Before that she was a blogger, but she fell in love with poetry.

Miss Anonymous on InstagramAbout the poet

Miss Anonymous’ started writing poetry when she fell in love with a guy who loved poetry.

Even though I couldn’t make him mine, I made poetry the love of my life. And that’s what encourages me to write. Maybe it’s in his memory, or simply for the peace of my mind, the anger and angst comes out in words beautifully. And this is something I want to keep doing.

On Instagram you can find her at her account @thegirlwithwords.



The jar of hearts

By Miss Anonymous

The jar of hearts

Your jar
brimming with hearts
belonging to girls
like me
will break one day

And the shards
are going to
lodge themselves
into every inch
of your body
until you bleed out,
just like
each one of us did.

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