The journey of love that Nijal described

A simple, but deep poem. This is the poem that the poetess Nijal Mody submitted to us using Instagram Direct. She writes about the journey of life. A journey, that may at sometimes be very difficult. This is about the journey of love that Nijal described.

About the poem

The problem that Nijal describes, when it comes to this journey is that we are excited when it starts, but it can cause difficulties. This is what she calls the blues. Struggles, fights, problems – any obstacle is possible.

Of course, Nijal is referring to love. This is sort of a journey as well. It has inspired many to write about this strange, yet strong emotion. It isn’t always the easiest thing to write about. What about the moments that cause pain? Or the realization, that a relationship wasn’t meant to be?

In Nijal’s case, she thinks not of the beginning or the end. The time in between; this must be wonderful.

When we use the term simple, that doesn’t mean this poem lacks inspiration, motivation and should be considered negative. Sometimes a poet doesn’t need that many words to express feelings. When it comes to love, anything goes. We are proud to share such fine poetry.

The journey of love that Nijal described

Not the beginning,
Nor the end,
Brings in happiness,
As much as the journey does

Nijal Modi



Just like many poets, Nijal can be found on Instagram, where she publishes her work under the name Jumbledideas. Her profile is a mixture of poetry and art. A very good combination. Do check out her profile on Instagram.

Your love

If you are inspired by your journey; your love and write about this all, we are more than interested in publishing your work. Just as we did for Nijal. Use our online submission form to send in your poems.

If you want us to proofread your poem first, before you decide if we can publish this or not, this is also possible.




The journey of love that Nijal described
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The journey of love that Nijal described
About the journey called love, described by Nijal Mody.
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