TAK Erzinger wrote a poem about her personal journey. She is also responsible for the photograph that is chosen for this article. This time, we will hear from the poetess herself. She will explain what this poem is about.

About this poem

Sometimes its best to let the poet speak about what their work is about.

“This poem is about the journey I inadvertently began when I had a mental breakdown at the end of 2016. Since then I have been written off work and in treatment. Luckily, I am fortunate enough to have wonderful professional help and a loving husband and I am healing. I have been led through a journey of self-discovery, reckoning and healing from the inside and out. I also don’t know what I would have done it without nature. My daily walks and weekly hikes have been powerful tool in my recovery. “

When reading what this poetess went through, one can only conclude that she has taken many steps. A journey, also in a spiritual way.

The Journey

Madness has travelled through me
twisting & turning each bow & branch
raging against each molecule & atom with fury
a fighting storm that arose out of reckoning
yet the calm of wisdom threw down her cool breeze
spindles of sweet surrender

to what cannot be changed
to what cannot be controlled.

Sunshine dried the rain of tears
that torn my pain asunder
making room for summer flowers
fresh blooms of hope
amid resignation and rebirth

TAK Erzinger

About the poetess

She describes herself as a American/Swiss poetess. Originally born in Florida and she spent most of het childhood in Kentucky.

Her work has been published by many others, including The Ministry of Poetic Affairs. Her personal essays have been published in the travel magazine Hello Switzerland!. They are also published in Harness Magazine.

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