The Lesson

The lesson

This poem is inspired by true events but is in no way factually accurate.

The Lesson

By Ron Barton


He’s crying because he’s nervous.
It’s a different class
in a different pool
with a different teacher.
It’s sweet, endearing,
but it’s also annoying;
he’s the only one in tears.


She’s the opposite.
She’s excited, happy.
Maybe it’s an age thing,
she is two years older after all.


We watch from the sidelines.
Each time an exercise finishes
she looks at us, smiling
a smile that says, “look at me”.
We do
but we look at her brother more.
He struggles at first;
his inhibitions are anchors
but each successful stroke
cuts one of the ties that’s holding him back.
His smile returns
and, with it,
his overconfidence.
Before he knows it he’s swum too far.
When he realises the water is too deep
for him to stand
the tears come flooding back.
We watch,
not wanting to interfere
in case our actions
become inhibitors
but ready
should the need arise.
She notices his cries, however,
and is soon by his side
helping him edge
toward the shallows.
She looks at us, smiling
a smile that says, “look at him”.
We do
but he’s fine now
so we look at her more.
Then, when it ends,
they come out of the water together.

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