The marriage

The marriage

Inspired by events that I wasn’t able to attend today, I wrote a poem about marriage (The Marriage). About us humans trying to explain this thing called love and marriage.

About the poem

There were other events I had to attend today. Besides, we could not find someone who could take care of our two kids. Therefore my wife went to the wedding and I did other things with my children. But, that is an other story. You can read more about this when you click on this link.

Back to marriage. Marriage is a wonderful thing. It’s unexplainable, even when we want to. It’s true love, it’s a moment, it’s a ceremony… oh, it’s so much! This poem is about this thing we try to explain and fail at it. It would be a better option to consider that there are other possibilities. Marriage between people of the same sex.

I live in a country that was the first country in the world to legalize same-sex marriages. Yes, this little country near the Northsea! Something we were so proud of and should still be. Love goes beyond gender. It doesn’t even go beyond borders. So who are we to say that some can and some can’t marry?

The marriage

By Harm Jagerman

The marriage

The marriage
Is it in the way we hold our ceremony,
that defines the truest of love?

This love, this eternity,
this beautiful undefinable
There is not one ceremony,
that is not close enough to be called sizable
to come close to this emotion so strong
Yet, it doesn’t make them phoney
or wrong

It’s the moment you can finally say out loud
for God and country, that you are proud
to have and to hold
To admit this can’t be controlled
and needs to be ceremonial
Therefore it needs to be matrimonial

Is it the way we sign this documents the law demands,
that defines the truest of love?

This love, that so many tried to describes,
but no one actually understands
We think we know it all, yet failed to complete
the truest setting of them all, without trembling hands,
a broken voice and tears of happiness so sweet

We try to explain, over and over, but in the end
it’s useless to explain
And all the time we try, we could have spent
Seeing beyond, try not to be in vain
About love and reason out
that there is a love possible for anybody
man, woman
woman, man
woman, woman
man, man
Don’t you believe this is true?
Then you’re not in vain, you’re a nobody,
holding on to ideas that don’t do
any good to this world we live in
That is probably the biggest sin.

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