The ocean

The ocean

The ocean is written by Fluent Clarity. A poem about the characteristics that people can share, compared to the ocean.

About the poet

Fluent Clarity is the pseudonym of Nadine Middleton. She tells us that she is a young poetess with an aspiration to create poetry that can bring clarity to a variation of people.

About the poem

My poem, ‘The ocean’, speaks about the characteristics of the big blue sea which leads to a realisation that people too can share those characteristics. In this specific case the poem is referring to a loved one that has the ability to make you feel whole again, however like some good things, they have a darkness, the ability to tear you up in a figurative storm before piecing you together again.

As far as us, we think that you did succeed in writing a strong and beautiful poem about the characteristics people can share. Keep on writing these beautiful words!


The ocean
By Fluent Clarity
I have a love for the ocean.
The clarity it brings to me, it’s calmness.
The smell that pieces together my
fragmental being. But, like many things,
it has its darknesses. In many ways,
it’s like you.


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