The poet

The poet

De Dutch writer and poet Gerrit Komrij wrote the poem The Poet (Dutch: De Dichter). It is a poem about what a certain fame can do to someone.

Publications are special. Whenever someone gets the news that a poem is about to be made, it can cause a strong sensation. Especially when it comes down to literally magazines. It is all about not forgetting where you came from and what it took to reach the point where you are. Sometimes people forget this, when they become famous or if they have the feeling that they might become famous.

This poem is to put those who thrive of so called fame back with their feet on the ground.

The poet

By Gerrit Komrij

The poet

When the literary magazine
Send him a note
In which they wrote: “Sir, your verses
Where not all that bad, we will
Someday publish a few,”
His chest swelled up till the height of a battleship
All his life would be different now.
He pretended to know all famous
People personally
He said the city when you said leaf
He said hero when you said pin
He said but when you said goodbye.
And he wanted to live from that!

The original version was, of course, written in Dutch.

The poet

Door Gerrit Komrij

Toen het letterkundig tijdschrift
Hem een briefje toe deed komen,
Waarin stond: “Mijnheer, uw verzen
Waren lang niet slecht, we zullen
Er eerdaags een paar van plaatsen,”
Zwol zijn borst tot slagschiphoogte.
Heel zijn leven werd nu anders.
Hij ging doen alsof hij grote
Mensen hoogstpersoonlijk kende.
Hij zei stad wanneer jij blad zei.
Hij zei held wanneer jij speld zei.
Hij zei ach wanneer jij dag zei.
En daarvan wilde hij leven!

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