The purest form of love

The purest form of love

Shikhar Singhal wrote a poem about self-love. He finds it to be important to love yourself first. Then you will be able to love others. Read his poem The purest form of love.

Shikhar SinghalAbout the poet

Not so long ago Shikhar started writing poetry. He was interested in poetry thanks to artists like Sarah Kay and Phil Kay. He was inspired to start writing and he did.

I write because it have helped me excape my demons, I’ve been finally able to open up to myself, taking out those bottled up emotions, the other reason is that I wish to make a difference, by what I write, I want to inspire people and make a tad, and I feel that poetry is the best way to express oneself and that it can leave an powerful impact on one’s life. This is my Life’s motto, to me a difference and help people in need, in what ever way I can. And in this case, by being open about my story, by sharing my live experiences with my pieces.

Shikhar publishes his poems on Instagram. Click here for his Instagram profile. He also has his own WordPress-website.

About the poem

This poem is, The purest form of love, talks about how important self-love is. How one needs to love oneself first, in order to be healthy and happy.

Shikhar wrote this poem together with Yash Kariwal

The purest form of love

By Shikhar Singhal

The purest form of love

It takes two to tango
You need love from some one else,
Is it that hard to find someone
Or is it your bad luck that tells?

I don’t understand this thing,
Why can’t you love yourself first
Self love is so important
From each one’s heart, it should burst.

I’m beautiful in my way
Cause God makes no mistake
I’m a beautiful piece of art
Such a belief, I must intake.

Hating yourself for being you
How do you think it will work,
You expect to be loved by others
When self-hatred in your heart does lurk.

Loving yourself is a pure form of love,
It’s not a sin, neither a shame,
If you hate yourself but try to find love,
You’re the only one to blame.

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