The reason why I inform

Ali Muzhakkir wrote a poem how he feels when it comes to informing others. This is his poem The reason why I inform

About Ali

Ali did not tell much about himself. We respect that. He told us that he is someone who want to make the world a much better place, where there is no room for hate. One can only respect that.

About The reason why I inform

The poem is about how Ali sees it, when it comes to informing others. He wrote these words, so that people were able to see the value of information.

This poem consists of two stanzas with indeed an explanation on how Ali sees things. One might say, it’s a microtale with rhyme.

The reason why I inform

The reason why I inform

By Ali Muzhakkir

They say ignorance is bliss yet there’s so much to miss
It’s the information that powers us, not our fists
But for some reason people only want to know the gist,
Forgetting the detail, treating it as a boring list
If you ask me, I’d rather be smart than dumb
Better to replenish my soul and breathe the information in through my lungs
And teach it to others through the use of my tongue
And I’ll keep doing this until my time has come to leave this temporary world of fun
I’ll be satisfied even if I manage to get through just one
Seeing as one is a lot better than none
If I change someone’s life with my words then my job is done
But that doesn’t mean I won’t continue
And that includes the person reading this (AKA you)
I do this to inform and get people out of the blues

So whenever you need to learn I’m here, just for you
Then I can advise and tell you what you need to do
I’ll do what it takes, even if I have a really bad case of the flu.
I’ll strive to inform until the day I die
Constantly spreading the information in my mind
Whether you see me happy or you see my cry
I’ll make sure that information helps you reach the skies
Because your life has a lot more potential than mine
If I can get you to the top then that’s fine
Even if that means I have to break my spine
I’ll still do my best to make you shine
I won’t judge you by your past and your crimes
I’ll do my best to make our interactions as sweet as lime
I’ll just try and inform while also having a good time
Before the day comes when it’s the end of the line

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