The Ridge

The Ridge

Sridhar Venkateswaran wrote a poem about the reckless climbers. About The Ridge, that seduces climbers to become blinded by passion.

About Sridhar

Sridhar is currently in his final year of his study (Finance) and started reading when he was eight years old. He then moved forward, never stopped reading and also started writing. He publishes his work on Facebook and Instagram. Though the pages look like they are a similarity to those of The Ministry of Poetic Affairs, Sridhar assured us they are not. He publishes his own material on these pages. He does however occasionally publish work of his friends.

About The Ridge

The poem is about a ridge. The use of female gender in the poem points towards a ridge/mountain. Climbers are reckless sometimes, blinded by passion. A climber is a sensualist who is easily seduced.

The Ridge

The Ridge

She is a shamelessly alluring and an unpractical entity,
so much so that the strongest of men succumb to her schemed tantrums.
Even with her flaws and haughtiness,
she is breathtakingly desirable, a glorious mess of cliffs and crevasses.
A wilful seductress, she plays with man’s mind, pulling them into an endless abyss.
The very epitome of beauty she is-
covered in an unrealistic veil of white,
standing steadfastly in our hearts like a goddess.
Something about her is so elegant that
without having to try, she is easily loved by all.
But dangerously deceived are the ones who do,
because she maims without compassion,
and lucky are the ones who learn to coexist with her.
She is the demon that resides in every man’s heart;
an enchantress who charms mercilessly,
justifying her cruelty with the word ‘passion’.
Beware, for she is a shape-shifter;
and appearances are always deceptive.

Sridhar Venkateswaran

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