The Ripened Field

The Ripened Field

Nivedhitha Gopala about the agriculture in her homeland, India. This lead to the poem The Ripened Field.

About the poem

Agriculture is the most fantastic and fascinating way of meeting nature. The farmer and his field show us the best relationship a man can ever have with the ecosystem. And if one can take a moment to look at the beautiful scene that the farmer has with his field, then there comes out a bit of poetry among all of us.

The cow which is the majorly known farm animal gives extra beauty to the admiring view. In matter of words, this poem is all about the beauty of India’s pride – “The farmer with the farmland” with which it has acquired the name – “Land of agriculture”.

The Ripened Field

By Nivedhitha Gopala
The Ripened Field

As the farmer gave a bow,

Oh see! Here runs a cow.

Long long I wander in the fields,

To see them full, filled with yields.

And here runs a river,

That satisfies the giver.

As the leaves give a sigh,

I run along to all passers by.

And sing along in distress,

At the dire mistress.

Oh! long after I’ve seen,

How long the plants have so been.

Here comes the farmer tilling his field,

To give it a sigh of little yield.

And ya!

As the farmer gave a bow,

Oh see! Here runs a cow.

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