The Rose

A poetic journey. That is what Kavilan Thiagarajan calls his writings. He wants to inspire people with his poems. He wrote the poem The Rose.

Kavilan Thiagarajan / Novice PoetryAbout the poet


18 and currently waiting to be enrolled into a college. I started out small by portraying my feelings to my friends and family. Now I’m writing with a bigger mission in mind which is to inspire people and let them know they are not alone. This is the beginning of my poetic journey.


Kavilan uses Instagram to publish his poems. He uses the pen name Novice Poetry.


The Rose

By Novice Poetry

The Rose
You hallucinate about swaying with the wind,

To feel normal like the others,

Keeping your roots pinned,

Hoping to be one of the beautiful roses.


Noticing you; I realized something,

You stood out tall,

In the ocean waving flowers; you did nothing,

You looked beautiful without moving at all.


The abundance of confidence you have,

Made me recognize the true beauty in you,

I hope you too realize that you don’t need to sway,

Cus that is why I love you.





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