The run

The run

A poem inspired by the feeling one can have after running. That is what Esmée wanted to bring forward with her poem The run.

About the poem

I wrote this one because running gives me a satisfying feeling when I am done. During the time I run, I think of nothing and really enjoy what I’m doing, nature and the music I listen to. Everytime I run, I want to reach a certain goal, that gives the best feeling. Even when I don’t succeed, I keep on going.

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The run


The run

Every step on the road
The music, nature, the run
The warmth on my skin, the sun
Good feelings you get

Every time when my feet hit the ground
The run of happiness I’ve found
My thoughts are going away
Going my own way

Every time a goal to reach
The best feeling I can get
Even though I’ve failed it
I’ll keep going until I reach that.


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