The stars will lead

The stars will lead

Esmée Kruijs publishes mostly handwritten poetry. Beautiful handwriting combined with beautiful words. The poem The stars will lead is all about chasing your dreams.

About the poem

Esmée wrote the poem because she believes it is important to always hold on to your dreams. Great examples will help you to make your dreams possible. A good advice!

You can follow up on Esmée on her Instagram profile or her Facebook page. She also has a portfolio on our website. As you can see, she uses the pen name Poetry Esmée.

For this poem we could finally do something back: create the illustration for this poem.

The stars will lead

By Poetry Esmée

The stars will lead

Standing in the moonlight
Watching the stars
They’re shining so bright

The stars will lead you the way
The way to your dreams
Eventhough when they look faraway.

With the stars you will reach it
Even when the dreams look impossible
You can live the dream, even it’s just a little bit.


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