The story unknown

The story unknown

The story unknown is based on the experiences that Antima Baidya went through during an important phase of her life.

About the poet

Antima is from Agartala (India) and writes and photographs. On Instagram she uses the pen name The Blooming Bud.

About the poem

This poem was written when I was going through a phase of my life. Mostly I write poems putting my words that I cannot tell to anyone. This poem was one of a kind. I have a story or something in my life that I cant share openly. Everyone might have stories or issues in life, that they don’t want to share openly.


The story unknown

By Antima Baidya

The story unknown

If everyone was an author,
Everyone would have a story intentionally inspoken, preferably
unwritten & carefully hidden.
They would never turn those pages of life, dark & rotten.

Everyone would let the best & the good come into the lights,
And those dark sides would never catch the lights.

Everyone has a story, but they would not let anyone know,
Everyone has a story, but they would skip that from their life,
Everyone has a story wrapped in themselves,
Which would alarmingly wake them up at night.

It’s a story of each, a story of all,
Which would never come out.
Which was buried inside themselves at the nightfall.


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