The sunbeams of April

Her poem – The sunbeams of April­­ – doesn’t handle the future. It’s all about the past and the expectations that people may have of her. This is a poem written by Sterre (Just Counting the Stars).

The sunbeams of April
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In the first place, this poem is all about expectations. People depend on her, to come up with answers:

“People always turn to me, when they need answers. I do not know everything there is, but people still see me as a kinda oracle.”

She realises that she is a dreamer, that can transform the small chapel into a cathedral. A metaphor for something religious that is, in fact, smaller than the value that it’s given.

“Religion is a strange thing. In so many places around the world, people keep relics. These are in fact small items (or even body parts). They are given great value, even when it’s not clear that they really represent those who they worship.”

April is the first full month of spring. Sterre realizes that the sun rises in power and so do the sunbeams. She is convinced there is nothing better than to dance in sunlight:

“I hate rain, I really do.”

Well, we can’t argue with that!

The Sunbeams of April

Sunbeams of April


The little chapel
transformed into a cathedral
As the first sunbeams of April
made their arrival

I danced underneath the pillars
A solitude soul dancing
I did not seek answers
It should be me they were finding

I stalled underneath the belltower
Staring upwards
in search of power
The bell however, stared silently downwards

The cathedral changed
into the small chapel
In my heart, it was unchanged
as I felt the sunbeams of April

Sterre / Just Counting the Stars

The sunbeams of April
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The sunbeams of April
Sometimes there is nothing better than to dance in the sunlight
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The Ministry of Poetic Affars

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