The Tempest

The Tempest

Vishakh Saraf submitted his poem The Tempest using our online submission form. This is a poem a storm, raging in a far away sea. The power of Mother Nature. 

About The Tempest

Nature can be quite the inspiration to write about. Vishakh wrote about the storm, that is raging on a far away sea.

The poem is tries to capture to mood of the sea, the apprehension of the sailor while he approaches the land he has called home for generations.

Through imagery and personification, the poem also tried to capture the violence of the sea around the small ship trying to navigate it.

Social media

You can follow this poet on Instagram, where he uses the pen name Mutedeafandblind.

The Tempest

The Tempest

The sea was frothing,
In it’s rabid rage,
The waves were colliding,
With this ancient rock.
The lone ranger of night,
The keeper of the shining light,
He saw a little wooden sail,
The boy within it,
Invoking the sea god,
Daring him to do his worse,
Raising the souls,
Of the frozen mariners,
To aid his struggle
Rising from their bottomless sepulchre,
The necrons pushed the hapless tug,
To the terra firma,
Of his forefathers,
And the forthright youth,
Lived to be buried,
With his fathers long gone

— Vishakh Saraf

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