The uncustomary day

The uncustomary day
The uncustomary day is a poem written by Yoshita Upasani.

Yoshita Upasani wrote the poem The uncustomary day. This poetess tells the story of any day, that differs from others. A day, when she decided it must be enough.

Yoshita. Source: Instagram.

About Yoshita

Yoshita publishes her work on Instagram under the pen name Yoshii_._. She writes poetry and combines them with photos of herself.

About the poem

That day, when the poetess relives the moment, she gave up the idea thinking about him. Not searching for the light in stars, his light in stars. She decided it was enough, chasing an unnatural love. She decided it was better to search for the love within herself.

An uncustomary day is a poem that tells a very short story about – what Yoshita calls – breaking the walls of mediocrity. That was the moment, when she was able to breath love, feel love and live love.

The uncustomary day

The uncustomary day

One fine day my emptiness
will go deep down the lake,
Blooming the world with happiness
will orchids spread their scents.

On the other side of the darkness
will come a ray of light,
Washing out every sadness
will rain potions or joy.

Yoshita Upasani

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