The valley of unrest

The valley of unrest
He is one of the most influencial writers and poets that America has ever known. Today many still find his work inspiring. The valley of unrest is one fine example of Dark Romanticism.

About the poem

Poe managed to write his poem in only one stanza, that consists of twenty-seven lines. The scenery for this valley of unrest is, of course, a graveyard. Here buried are those who fought in battle and their spirits are restless. This wasn’t always so, according to Poe. When they went of to battle, this location was silent.

In this poem, Poe expresses his love for the darkness. Days, sunshine, those are just lazy. Sunshine brings something else: red light. This red light is actually the blood of those who fell in battle.

A magnificent poem, that writes both in the past and present tense.

The valley of unrest

By Edgar Allan Poe

The valley of unrest


Once it smiled a silent dell
Where the people did not dwell;
They had gone unto the wars,
Trusting to the mild-eyed stars,
Nightly, from their azure towers,
To keep watch above the flowers,
In the midst of which all day
The red sunlight lazily lay.
Now each visitor shall confess
The sad valley’s restlessness.
Nothing there is motionless-
Nothing save the airs that brood
Over the magic solitude.
Ah, by no wind are stirred those trees
That palpitate like the chill seas
Around the misty Hebrides!
Ah, by no wind those clouds are driven
That rustle through the unquiet Heaven
Uneasily, from morn till even,
Over the violets there that lie
In myriad types of the human eye-
Over the lilies there that wave
And weep above a nameless grave!
They wave:- from out their fragrant tops
Eternal dews come down in drops.
They weep:- from off their delicate stems
Perennial tears descend in gems.

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