The wait

The wait

It’s been a while since we promoted the work of N’Gadie Roberts. She wrote the poem The wait, that she published on Instagram under the pen name 0layinka_.

About the poem

When we asked her what the poem The wait is about, N’Gadie gave the following answer to us:

Sure, the poem is about waiting. I’m a Christian so I’m waiting for the day God will end all the suffering in the world, and all those who have a relationship with his son Jesus will dwell with him in heaven, free from pain and heartache. 🙂

As you see, religion can be inspiring enough to write about. It was voor N’Gadie. You can follow her on Instagram.

The wait

By N’Gadie Roberts

The wait

One day I’ll be in heaven
where all will be well
with suffering no longer existing
Except that pit of hell.
One day I’ll rest in heaven
where Christ Jesus dwells,
my heart restored to whole
as joyful as my soul.
One day I’ll laugh in heaven
voice ringing a bell.
On that day in heaven,
will you be there as well?

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