The words of Dark Grey Silhouette

She submitted three of her poems, so we could decide on what we could be posting. Handwritten and with her own illustrations. This is the work of Nikita Nene, who writes under the pen name Darkgrey Silhouette on Instagram.

About the poet

I am Nikita Nene, 21, ambivert, a law student, whose poems are inspired by the incidents that I read about or the cases we refer.    I write as an hobby and it helps me express the immense mess I have inside my brain.

She uses the Instagram name / pen name Dark Grey Silhouette.

About her work

I write, because I believe that poetry is not just for writing about my own pain. Poetry should be raw. It should be also used to express all the negativity we have caused

Nikita doesn’t use titles for her work. We decided to show you three of her poems.

You were a
drowning soul, but
I let you be
and watched you breathe
your last,
because I did not want
to get wet.

my sins
is as a
human instinct
as publishing
your blunders
with my

What I am
If not a spirit
that lets these
get drunk on
my energy

Own illustrations

As you can see, we are huge fans of those poets who also make their own illustrations! Not that we don’t like those who don’t use their own illustrations. If you make your own illustrations, have you ever considered to use words of others to sketch, draw or paint? We could definitely use artists like you for the poems we publish on our website.

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