The world I would bake

The world I would bake

Vidita Kochar penned down her deepest wishes for the world. A world she wants not only to be there in her dreams. This is her poem The world I would bake. A poem about how there are so many things in need of change in this world.

About Vidita

Under the pen name Felicity of Expression, she writes on Instagram and WordPress. Beautiful, motivational words.

Vidita is 24 years old and is an entrepreneur. She also writes poetry. She finds it important, to write. Especially after a long day at work. She writes down, what is important to her and what she has experienced during the work day. Her motto is simple:

I always strive to touch people in a positive way.

About The world I would bake

The imaginary world of Vidita is both simple and beautiful. Her wishes are clear enough: freedom, equality and an ending to all that is considered bad. This is her vision on an ideal world. This world doesn’t exist, but wouldn’t it be wonderful?


The world I would bake

The world I would bake


If I were to shape,
A world with my creativity,
I’d use kindness as icing
And sprinkle positivity.


Where man lends hand to man,
For no currency, no money,
No boundaries, no walls,
A single nation, in harmony.


Where gratitude is wealth,
And wisdom is gold,
In every holy book,
Stories of humanity be told.


Where a pen is mightier,
Than a keyboard that types,
And voices are heard in person,
Not after the screen swipes.


Where every man is equal,
There are no paupers or kings,
Where everyone can dare to dream,
And take a flight without wings.

Vidita Kochar

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