There is always a solution

There is always a solution

Wait a minute, so there is a solution to every problem? This strikes me as weird. This is way off. Some problems are left without any solution. This is my protest to the statement that there is always a solution. In the end, even I have to admit, that the protest is useless.

There is always a solution

In times of need, there are people who say words of comfort
There are words of comfort and words that are just stupid
Insensitive you say, my words hurt
For me it’s not, my words are lucid

If there is always a solution, explain this if you please
There is no solution for the many who experience death, sickness or even heartbreak
Not to forget that financial problems, can’t be solved at ease
Most certainly not by words like these

Don’t get me wrong, when you say it
it’s normal, it shows the humanity
There is a need to give some word of sympathy
You don’t need to excuse yourself or call you a hypocrite

It’s more than natural
to show this all
To show that you that you feel the need for a solution
even when there is none
By agreeing that there is no solution,
what is there to be done?

If there is no solution, there is only one thing that is standing
That is accepting the fact, some things are without solving
This is so difficult to accept and to be unpretentious,
even for a critic like me, is very to reach consensus
about the meaness of this thing
This thing that’s life, in where we say, there is always a solution
even if it’s not true.

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