There is no answer

There is no answer

In literature slavery is an important subject. Most of us know and condemn slavery of people. Still there are people who doesn’t know what freedom is. They live as slaves. This is my appeal to them, to find a way. To break the chains. 

To break the chains of slavery is easier said than done. I live in a country, where we can enjoy freedom to the max. This isn’t for anyone in this world. There are many countries that don’t have these basic rights. Basic rights, basic human rights.

This poem I wrote, to inspire others. To inspire the voice of freedom.


There is no answer

If search for an answer all day long
This question needs to be answered
I am not that strong,
the question will be unanswered

Should I ever find the clue
There is something I would do
open the lock, with that key
Finally free

When no question is to be found,
there is only one thing that remains
It’s up to you then, to break the chains
So you would be no longer bound

Break your chains, give the gift
that set your mind adrift
Use your own armory
for no mortal soul should ever live in slavery
even when I have no answer for you,
this you must do!

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