There is this effect

Yes, there is this effect. This effect that is the result of creativity. This creativity is – what this poet calls – just words. This is more than just words. This is poetry and it’s written by the poet who uses the pen name Homie Poet.

The poem doesn’t have a title. The poet itself wants to remain anonymous. This makes it difficult to do what we normally do: to write about the poet who wrote the poem. In this case, we have more freedom to overthink this poem.

This poet writes because there is a thought that is causing this trigger. A trigger to let the words flow. These are based on emotions. As you can see on the Instagram page of Homie Poet, these emotions vary.

This effect


There is the cause and its effect
sun and the light
thunder and the rain

then there is love and the pain
the initial tender and sweet one and
the concluding endless excruciating pain

Homie Poet

Isn’t that something? There are all sorts of beautiful things in this world, but there is always something that seems to be attached to these beauties. Call this the negativity or something that you could fear. Sure, sun or sunshine can be a beautiful thing. But, what if it is too much? Too much light? The heat, the impossibility to really enjoy the sun(shine)?

Thunder goes with rain. Well, sometimes it does. Thunder is the metaphor of something powerful. It’s this electrification and it comes with rain. Rain is associated with something unhappy unless you’re willing to dance in it!

If there is love, everything should be fine, right? Love can come or can lead to pain. What if the couple that started to love each other changed? What if the arguments and fights took over? Then it’s pain. What if these arguments result in fights and they break up? Yes, then there is a pain. As this poet describes: the concluding endless excruciating pain.

This poem is the result of everything that this poet describes. Yes, there is this trigger, this effect and it results in something that is to be considered as not so simple. Based on the length of the poem and the used words, one might think that. Well, that it’s just completely wrong. This is one of the jewels of poetry. We are more than glad that we could share poetry like this on our poetry platform!

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This effect
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This effect
A poem that is the result of one trigger.
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The Ministry of Poetic Affairs

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