Thick layers of clouds

Thick layers of clouds

Remember those nights, when you are in search of the moon? This poem is inspired by the sky at night that is covered with clouds. The poem referes to these thick layers of clouds, that prevent to catch a  glimpse of the moon.

About the poem

The sky at night can be inspiring. Especially when the moon is visible. This night the moon wasn’t visible. But, the night was inspiring enough to write about it. Well, to write about the clouds. Are you just as inspired about the sky at night as I am?

Thick layers of clouds

By Harm

Thick layers of clouds

Thick layers of clouds hanging in the night sky

Cloudy overcast and no matter how I try

I can’t determine if the moon is out

It’s not just one cloud,

it’s an army of clouds blocking my sight

as if they were to invite

me and asking me to swim

in endless streams of cold rain

travel alone like the pilgrim

on his way to a sacret place,

be free of all the pain

through time and space

But will I really see a moon or a star?

Or will I hit the glass wall of the jar

that surrounds me?

One I still cannot see

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