This is how the story goes…

This is how the story goes...

Let’s start off that this is part fiction, based on things people really do. This is how the story goes.. isn’t a poem. It’s a story, it tells you how some people use social media for their own benefits.

This is how the story goes…

This is how the story goes...

The internet is such a wonderful place. Freedom of speech everywhere. Social media is even a greater place, where this freedom of speech thrives. The Ministry of Poetic affairs is your advocate when it comes to the promotion of free words. Free words in the art of poetry. But there is a dark cloud that threatens this silver lining.

Plagiarism! A filthy act of those who think they need words from others to show as their own. We all seen it happening. Those who think they can use words by others as their own work.

Plagiarism isn’t something to do. It’s disrespectful to the author or publisher of the work. But, many try to pull this off. When confronted with plagiarism, the excuses to do this vary. From I didn’t know to the complete denial of doing it.

Did you know, that plagiarism is considered to be a crime? For sure it’s very much a sin to do this. Most of those who try to, don’t realise that there is something else envolved: copyrights or the rights that protect the author(s). Based on various laws about copyright, one might conclude that it is indeed a crime.

Even when laws don’t really cover it, there is always such a thing as morality. It lacks moral to do this. But, unfortunately, it doesn’t stop people from doing this. The question is, why do people do this?

The reason is actually quite simple: using words of others as if they where their own words seems easy. It can help out someone who appears to be stuck. It can also help out someone who desperately wants attention. The attention based on their own work can be such a disappointment. The same disappointment one can feel when it comes to followers or people who like social media postsings. This brings us to a different subject. We see this even more than plagiarism; the unfollowing after we have followed them.

Follow to unfollow

Did you ever notice some people on social media start following you. When you follow back, they unfollow you. You are probably a victim of this too and it even has a name: The Follow/Unfollow Method. This is a method where someone or some company or organisation follows, only to gather as much followers as possible.

It is hard to see for some, that gathering followers on social media can take up quite some time. For instance, it took us a while (about four months) to catch the attention of 1,000 followers. Not that we think the amount of followers is that important. Even when we get our message across to only one person, our mission is a success. Even when we receive no comments on our posts, we call it a succes. Why? Because we have managed to write in freedom. To share beautiful words. That is what we think is important. Unfortunately, not everyone will agree.

Everyone knows the accounts on social media with a large number of followers. The YouTubers, the vloggers, the Instagrammers… It can be both inspiring as disappointing. Disapointing when it comes to the work you have to do to get the likes you want. If this is your mission, you should reconsider. Let’s talk about that later.

Back to the method. It’s actually a trick in getting others to follow or like them. The ones who do this, forget one important issue: it’s about the contents of your outings on social media.

This method is considered to be spammy and there is a good change accounts who do this will eventually get reported for spamming. If nothing is done about this, blocking these accounts is also a good option. This way the blocked account will not show up in the suggestions to follow.

There is also another good reason to do this. It isn’t actually. If you have set your profile to private, there is a good chance that these followers will only want to see what you’ve posted.

Do we do this?

As you can see on our Instagram profile, we have more followers than we follow back. We try to follow back as much people as we can. But we have to make some choices when it comes down to following. These are based on the contents of the profiles who follow us. Yes, that might sound haughty, but it isn’t. Some profiles are not about poetry. That doesn’t mean that the ones who are following aren’t good enough for us. It has to do with the fact, that we enjoy the engagement with the poetry writers on social media. Yes, this does include making choices.

How to gain followers

So, the method to gain followers by following and then unfollowing, we can conclude that this is just a spammy method. If you want followers, you should ask yourself the question: why do you want followers? Is it because you feel great when it comes down to numbers or is it because you want to get your message across to a wide audience. The first thought, you need to set aside. The other one is a great thought. By following and unfollowing, your message will probably not get to as much people as you like. At least, not the right ones. No, the message you need to bring forward has to be based on true content. No plagiarism, a true message. A message that seems worth the while to follow.

Again, do we do this? No. We are not here to collect as much likes as we can. We could have easily done this over the last few months. We didn’t.

If you are wondering how to get real followers, then consider this:

  • Your content must be you – Not by plagiarism.
  • The engagement with your audience is very important.
  • Be nice, even when confronted with those who aren’t nice to you. If things get out of hand, there is always the option to block those who aren’t nice.
  • Social, remember that! Be social. Don’t do the things you wouldn’t normally do.
  • Consider to follow us, we will love promoting your work and we follow back as much as we can.
  • Report those who are using the method of follow to unfollow or are using your work as their own.
  • Contact us for more information on how to deal with plagiarism. We are here to help!

If you are struggling with these issues, feel free to contact us for some advice.



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