This is our first post

This is our first post

This is the first post on this website. It’s October 2016 and it’s time for The Ministry of Poetic Affair’s website. This website will inform you about poetry, promote poetry and do more. This project will grow into a wonderful flower. A flower that represents respect and freedom of speech.

What is this project about?

The Ministry of Poetic Affairs is a new name. The name might cause you to think that this project is related to a government. It’s not. It is an independent platform to promote poetry.

Independent poetry platform

The text above was published in October 2016. This marked the beginning of The Ministry of Poetic Affairs as a poetry platform. An independent poetry platform to be precise.

After a pause of this project between 2019 and 2020, the project was relaunched in September 2020.

When the website was first launched, the services were aimed at the promotion. Mostly on social media (Instagram). The new version of The Ministry of Poetic Affairs is aimed at more services. Some of these services are paid services.


In 2016, you could read words about how the visitor or user participation worked. At first user pages and profile pages were offered. In 2020 it was decided not to continue with this service. Many platforms offer the chance to create and maintain a portfolio. However, The Ministry of Poetic Affairs is your partner when it comes to the creation of these portfolios. Did you ever consider the possibility that The Ministry of Poetic Affairs can build you an online portfolio?

Services as of 2020

Check out the services page, with all the services as of 2020.

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Free Promotion

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