This was our year: top lists

As we are getting ready for 2018, it’s a good moment to look back on 2017. What better way to this than with a list of most-read articles on our website.

As we are getting ready for 2018, it’s a good moment to look back on 2017. What better way to this than with a list of most-read articles on our website.


Our top 4 list of most-read poems is as follows:


These are poems written by well-known poets. How about those poems that have been submitted to us? The following poems are most read when it comes to submitted poetry:


We are very proud to have the opportunity to share such beautiful poetry this year. In the next year, we will do what we do best: promote poetry.

An overview of our favourite poems

Our favourite poem

If you want to know, what we think is our favourite poem, there is not just one answer possible. These poems we consider to be beautiful for reasons described in the comments after the title and poet.


  • Giant Butterfly – Nanotist
    This was the winning poem for our Poetry Challenge about Fear. This is a poem that uses something so beautiful as a butterfly to describe fear. Well-written and a classic, timeless poem.
  • Dream Children – The Sunday Poet
    Amazing words, that flow constantly. This poetess takes you on a beautiful journey with her words. Who cannot love those words: Let’s marry summer?
  • KABOOM! – Qatrina Quaff
    Short circuit(ing) made into art; into poetry! An amazing poem.
  • It always feels the same – Francesca Alexandra
    Heartbreak comes in different forms. Poetry about these nasty breakups comes in various forms too. Not all are so well written as this one by Francesca.
  • Broken Hearts | Heal – Wordsponge
    Speaking of those broken hearts. Wordsponge has but one message for us, in her beautiful written poem: they can heal, those broken hearts. A beautifully written poem, that gives hope!
  • Crusade – Brianna Crinite
    This poem fits right in when it comes to the #metoo-discussion. A strong protest about the way some women are treated. Well-written by Brianna.
  • Stone Bench – Amanda N. Butler
    Remember those childhood memories? Those memories of places where you played? Amanda remembers them vividly and penned them down in this magnificent poem!
  • Tainted Heart – Alexa Fortune
    She described a relationship without a future. Something that is of all times, unfortunately.
  • Fear – Zac Brown
    This poem was written for our Poetry Challenge about Fear. A magnificent poem, that gives you the creeps!
  • Relationship: Mother Earth – T.A.K. Erzinger
    This poem talks about what we do wrong when it comes to our planet. A mirror for those who need it!

And last, but definitely not least: a poem that was written by one of our own: Escape. This poem is written by Ankit Naik. This was his first poem on our website.

The links to the social media profiles and websites can be found in the articles that are listed in this overview.


So, what can you do in 2018? Amaze us with your work and who knows, maybe your work is listed in the 2018-version of this article!

This was our year: top lists
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This was our year: top lists
Read more about the most read poems on our website and the poems we liked very much in 2017
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