Time and attitude

The message that the poetess Opi brings forward is quite simple: the right attitude towards people, will bring you nothing but goodness. This is her poem Time and attitude. Read more about this poem and how your poem can be featured on our website too.

About the poem

In seven lines, Opi brings forward her message. A lesson to be learned, when you are struggling with these issues. When reading this poem, one can only conclude that this poetess gives the right advise. However, we tend to forget these basic things in life. A poem such as this, should be read from time to time.

Time and attitude


Time and attitude

Time decides…
Who is going to meet you in life
Time decides…
Whom you are going to meet in life
But your attitude decides
If you are going to make space
in the hearts of people you met


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Time and attitude
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Time and attitude
A poem written by Opi, to remind us of how things in life can develop.
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The Ministry of Poetic Affairs
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