Time for a reboot

Time for a reboot

It’s time for a reboot! The Ministry of Poetic Affairs was having a break from the internet for more than two years. The project was relaunched.

The website still existed. The social media accounts also existed. But they were not publicly available anymore.


In 2018 it was getting harder and harder to find motivated people to edit and write for The Ministry of Poetic Affairs. Some so many poets wanted to get their work featured on the website and social media. Especially that last part was sort of a thing…

“How do you dare posting stuff like this?”

“So, you make money off others?”

“Why won’t you help me analysing the poem. I need it for school. Tomorrow.”

“I’m a poet. I don’t know how to write a biography.”

Just a few of the reactions. Very different and very ‘pleasant.’ To be honest, not everyone reacted like this. The project gained a huge fan base.

Right when the project was thriving, it was stopped. A new project was launched, but it wasn’t quite successful.


More than two years later, I thought about this website l, just as I did many times. Was this decision a good one? To stop the website? And was everything on the website well-written?

To answer the last question: no it was not. I’m sorry to say this, but not everyone is a good poet. Some write beautiful poems. Some don’t. It doesn’t mean you’re never going to be a good poet (or writer).

That’s what I thought would be important. Focusing on the tools to become a better version of yourself. These tools are now offered by The Ministry of Poetic Affairs!


These tools come with a price. Why should everything on the internet or social media be free? And why should The Ministry of Poetic Affairs offer only free services? The website should be maintained, the server costs money, etc. etc.

Yes, there is still an option to benefit from the free promotion. But it’s different now. Instead of accepting direct messages via social media, the only way to send in poetry is through the website. Not just the poem and a very short description. The Ministry of Poetic Affairs wants to tell a story, each time an article including a poem is published.

Does the project only focus on poetry written by today’s poets? Not really. Just like before there are poems written by famous poets on the website. The articles that could be used are rewritten.

When talking about ‘rewriting’, over 500 articles have been removed. These were short articles with poems send in via social media. Many of the accounts from then don’t exist anymore. Believe me, I’ve checked many of them.

No, it doesn’t mean you’re a bad writer if your articles are no longer on the website. Let’s call these user submissions a ‘clean start.’ It challenges you to take it a step further. To think about yourself and your work. Isn’t that good?


The Ministry of Poetic Affairs is no longer a community website. No portfolios, no mini websites. That doesn’t mean you can get help. Getting help setting up your website or help how to make it a better one.

Becoming the best on the internet isn’t the goal of The Ministry of Poetic Affairs. If only one person is reached and can be supported, the project is a success.


Are you not certain of what you wrote? No problem. Don’t hide! Share your work, so proofreading can be done.


When you are ready to publish, think about this project or platform to promote your work.

Don’t feel angry about the words I wrote. Or don’t be disappointed. The Ministry of Poetic Affairs is here to inform, help, promote and all because for the love of poetry. Is that worth fighting about? I don’t think so!

Thank you!

A few days ago, social media profiles were activated again. This was very helpful.

Thank you! For showing support.

It was also very helpful to find out who decided to stick around and who didn’t. Some of the accounts we actively promoted before found themselves confronted with the platform that made them grow. The best way to thank The Ministry of Poetic Affairs for them was to unfollow. It doesn’t matter. The focus is on the website. Social media is just an attachment or an extension. Times have changed.

Time for a reboot…

It was time for a reboot and The Ministry of Poetic Affairs is back! There was some delay and there was a good reason for this: all the articles were checked. The articles that promoted posts on social media have all been taken down. There are two main reasons for doing this:

  • Many accounts dating back to 2016, 2017 and 2018 don’t exist anymore. The result was hundreds of ‘dead links.’
  • A new start means new possibilities and new ways to get promoted.

How to get promoted?

Instead of focusing on quantity, it’s now a focus on quality. Quality shows when you’re willing to provide the information that’s needed for the promotion. Yes, free promotion is still an option. There are limits to this free promotion.

Before it was never hard work to describe who you are (were). Just one or two lines of text were enough. This resulted in many articles with almost the same descriptions. Not very informative. Not very helpful.

Instead of submitting your work using Direct Messages, it’s now only possible to send in your work via the contact form on the website. You will see what information is needed to write a quality article about you.

No, it isn’t just a case of simple sharing. If this was still possible, would The Ministry of Poetic Affairs stand out? Not really!

Yes, it takes some time and effort you must undertake. In the end, you will find this more rewarding. It will help, trust me!

So, let’s promote some poetry!

Kind regards,

Harm Jagerman
Owner of The Ministry of Poetic Affairs


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