Time in transit

Time in transit

Time in Transit is a poem written by Rachel L. Lawrence. She published her work first on Instagram, then she published this on her portfolio page and we are proud to share this poem with you.

Her poetry is powerfull, her words are carefully selected. These are the words of someone with a broken heart. Rachel manages to describe the feelings of letting someone go very good. You can read more about this poetess on her Instagram page. She also publishes her work on Facebook and her porfolio at The Ministry of Poetic Affairs.

Time in transit

By Rachel L. Lawrence

Time in transit

Your face is starting to fade from memory.
But the idea of you remains the same.
You are a thousand different men.
And I think I will see you with every passerby on the Street.
You are just around every corner.
But always just seconds out of reach.

You are everyone I have ever fallen for.
Had a crush on.

Your presence will inevitably fade.
Despite the Remanence of you that still lingers on my skin.
With every passing day I find myself clinging to memories.
Trying to Breath you back into life.

Please don’t go.
I felt you before I knew you.
And I still feel you now.

I have broken your heart over and over again.
And you have returned the break every time.

But How useless just a memory is to a heart on fire.
Still, It’s all I have.

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