Time to wake up

Time to wake up
A poem written by Taliesin Leach. For those who suffer from a broken heart: the healing starts here.

She writes because of the good cause: trying to heal broken hearts. This isĀ Time to wake up, for all that suffer from a broken heart. Written by Taliesin Leach.

About Taliesin

Taliesin Leach writes to reach others. So that she is able to take people’s pain and put it into words. Words they cannot yet form. This is all meant to start the healing process after suffering from a broken heart. This is of course a very noble cause.

Her Instagram profile isn’t filled yet, as her first poem was published on August 13 2017. We look forward reading more work of her and publishing this work as well on our website.

Taliesin on Instagram
Taliesin on Instagram: Taliesinpoetry.

About Time to wake up

Let’s hear what this poetess has to say about this – well written- poem:

Sometimes our bad days turn into bad weeks and sometimes those week into months but however long this nightmare is, it will pass and you will eventually wake up. Everything will be okay.





Time to wake up

Time to wake up

“I wonder when the world became so dull
when did the yellow tulips on my windowsill wither
into dust?
when did the sound of the ocean waves because
nothing more than a crashing in my ears?
when did a starry sky become more like a graveyard?
Maybe when I stopped waking up from my

Taliesin Leach / Taliesinpoetry

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