To Autumn

She writes under the pen name Splitmindpoet and publishes her work not only on the social medium platform Instagram. She also shares poems such as To Autumn on her own website. This is Minnie Rai and her beautiful poem about how she considers autumn as the most beautiful season of them all.

About the poetess

Minnie Rai lives in the UK and studies History and Intellectual History at Sussex University. Writing for her feels natural and she has been doing this for a long time. Not only poetry. She also writes in her diaries, she publishes blogs, writes lyrics and more.

“I try my best to engage with the idea of humanity in our world and aim to direct my energy at opening up passages in our mind so that we can better understand the value of some of the happiness and sadness that life brings.”

Minnie tries to write in a different way. It’s her goal to turn negativity into something positive.


About To Autumn

This poem is about the season that not everyone is fond of. Many people associate this season with rain, storm and much colder weather than during Summer. Autumn for Minnie is just the most beautiful season of them all.

“I witness Autumn every year in my back garden. I wait patiently as the leaves fall. It fills my mind up with calmness and serenity. “

In her poem, she wants to bring forward another important part of Autumn. It’s a season that brings a moment to let go of something – she considers this as the old – and it’s also the representation of grounding. For those of you who aren’t familiar with that concept: it’s the way things relate to our Mother Earth. It is also the way people are rooted in their own body, the reality of every day and the planet we live on.

“The aim is to understand the importance of grounding in an earthly manner so that we are lifted from the souls of our feet when we contemplate on the ideas that engage with our mind at any given time during the season.”

To Autumn

To Autumn


Winter’s hinting in your shadow,
As rich burnt leaves scatter across the ground,
Emptiness I can see in your meadow,
Leaves now waiting to be found.


You’re now detached from Spring,
Once leaves were held like glue,
Passing July you raise the wonder,
In unusual rainy blues.


’Tis a tender, crisp, Metamorphous,
As you shield a caterpillar, over-coating a butterfly.
Yet I see leaves scattered over corpses,
Hiding in your shade, as though, the dead has,
come alive.


Besides, the Autumn comes to sing,
Maybe a poetic praise,
Some leaves on this side of Winter,
Others shaded in Summers haze.


Still in the bustle of the streets
You hear their crispy remains,
Breaking at the touch of our feet,
Locking legs in cosy chains.




To Autumn
Article Name
To Autumn
This poem describes her love for the season Autumn.
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The Ministry of Poetic Affairs

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