To be awake is to be woken

To be awake is to be woken

Audi Odane wrote the poem To be awake is to be woken. This poem is one of the many poems he published using his Instagram-account.

About the poet

31 year old Jamaica born England living Libran. Long had a passion for poetry and spoken word just hadn’t found the right medium. Finally Insta will bring life to my undocumented words. I write poetry because of the feeling I get from creating words and sentences for others to interpret individually, to identify a different point of view to maybe what I set out to accomplish.

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To be awake is to be woken

To be awake is to be woken

By Audi Odane

Escape to a lucid future, built on prophecies

of the subcouncious.

Formed by dreams developed in the


Transpiring to fruition like deja vu.

Crafted in intrepid serenpendity and cue.

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