To turn the page

Closure, it’s never easy. It’s the realization that things end, even love. Read the spoken word poem written by Minal Kanabar. It’s all about how to turn the page.

You either love or hate this type of poetry, that Minal presents in her (untitled) poem. At first, this poem seems to be about a breakup. When reading this poem again, it can be about anything that you have to say goodbye to. In a way, this poem can also be something of a new beginning and the doubts you may have about this new start. Sometimes, the wish to go back to that what is comforting and familiar can be very strong.

Well, that is our analysis. According to Minal, this poem is about:

“The struggle of coming to terms with the end of something, which was once an important part of life. Sometimes we thought it would last forever and when it ends, we think about this and question everything.”

Minal took the time to present us a type of poem that can be used for slam poetry. These are the raw emotions, combined with strong metaphors. We love it!

To turn the page

This house we built. This life we made,
was it all a lie? Because we packed our
bags so easy and just left our dreams
half way hanging on a tread. Now I’m
left questioning if what we had was even
real? The cold icy water pricks like a
sharp knife through my flesh but it’s
comforting, when even is this pain that
I’m experiencing?
Isn’t this just another chapter of life that’s
come to an end? But how long till I can
actually turn the page?


Minal Kanabar

To turn the page
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To turn the page
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The Ministry of Poetic Affairs

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