When visiting a certain place in the world, this can lead to emotions. In the poem Tomatoes, the English poetess Alice O’Shaughnessy thinks back on her trip to Spain. She lived there for two months.

About Alice

Alice studies English Literature and History in Canteburry (UK). She has been writing poetry since she was about ten years old. Over the last few years, she has taken a more serious interest in poetry.

On Instagram, she presents her profile as an open journal. Her first poem dates back to 2016 (although it was written in 2015).

About Tomatoes

During one summer, Alice stayed in Spain for about two months. She thought she was supported by her boyfriend back home. When they split up and she had a new romance, she realised that she felt more supported than before. After five months she returned to Spain, with the knowledge that everything just felt better now.


She considers this poem to be an exploration:

“This poem is also an exploration that i will forever hold with me this darker spot in my life, but it is important I hold onto them, as they are me.”




to re-evaluate your life in the same place you bloomed 5 months ago tells you everything you need to know.
in between mountains and roads
above sea and beneath sun
you are beauty, cloaked in tender flesh and untouched bones.
ripened like the tomatoes swelling with sweet juices and bitter pips.
you are the fruit offered to the gods.
you are the epitome of rose coloured and sunshine centred.

but you hold onto unwanted stones the way sun holds onto shadow.
you will not rid yourself of these stones
you will learn to grow with these pits living inside of you.

the man who loves you now is a man that can bite into your sweet flesh and still crawl back for more. pips and all.

the man who loves you now is a man that will not devour your being for only his pleasure, but he will let you devour him too.

the man who loves you now knows you’re more than sweet fruit, alive in summer-dead come winter.
he knows your green, unripened days and still takes that too.

the man who loves you now is not the boy you had before. boy does not know how to swallow fruit – only how to taste it.

so, Please.
you must realise unrest when boy makes you second best in the futile race against bone and breast. You will always be less.

You must realise unrest when you call half dressed- depressed at 10:22pm.
your brother;
using your mother
as the punching bag again.
boy questions if this is more important than a 4.50 hour by hour wage.

you must know unrest when boy eats your fruit in the summer but does not digest you in winter. the man who loves you now, will.

you are more than a side piece to his dish, you are the whole damn meal. Grow.

Alice O’Shaughnessy


Alice publishes her work on Instagram: Quiet_sincerity.



Article Name
A poem about the change in support when it comes to love
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The Ministry of Poetic Affairs

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