The poem Tonight, written by Shikhar Singhal, shows how a poet struggles with his own vulnerabilities.

About the poet

We published work of this poet before on our website. The last one dates back to October 2017. It’s nice to see that poets still find their way to our website. Remember, we can promote your work too, even when you have submitted your work before.

Shikhar publishes his work on his own website and on Instagram.


About Tonight

Sometimes it’s not easy talking about yourself with those who are very close to you. In the first stanza of this poem, Shikhar debates if he can talk to someone. This someone should be close, but not too close. From there on, he describes what is holding him back. The fact that he is vulnerable and wants to end the situation he’s in. This is a poem based on strong emotions and has only one message: the pain must stop.

He wrote this poem when he felt vulnerable. It was his way to deal with the pain he was suffering.




I want to talk to someone not too familiar with me, but not a stranger either.
Or maybe talk to a stranger who knows bits of me.Tonight,
I want to fill my lungs with all the air in the world,
Until, maybe, it doesn’t feel like the wind hasn’t been knocked out of my lungs.
Maybe, until they decide to explode, and just maybe, that might ease the hurt a bit.Tonight,
I want someone to hold me tight,
Just hold me, until I can stop suffocating in the heaviness hanging in the air around me,
Until I can start breathing again.Tonight,
I just want to cry my heart out,
Until this heavy feeling in my heart, washes away,
And I can no longer have a tear to shed,
And then, maybe, if it hurts less, cry a bit more, not because I’m still hurting, but because I went through all of this, and made it through.Tonight,
I want to do things that I desire,
Hear my heart out,
Breathe in someone’s arm,
Wrapped around me,
Protecting me, from myself,
My darkness, my brightness.
I want someone to be me,
More than I am myself.

Let me be myself.

Shikhar Singhal

Article Name
He wrote this, when he felt vulnerable
Publisher Name
The Ministry of Poetic Affairs

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