Travel alone

Travel alone

This poem is about love and the illustration that is used is made by Fausto Nazer. The poem, Travel alone, is also about two interpretations.

About the poem

This poem is all about love. There are two interpretations of this one. First is from the girl’s side, where she and her love are together now and she wishes to be together forever, she wants her lover to remember her when they meet in after life. The second interpretation is from the perspective of two lovers who got separated due to societal pressures but they want to be with each other, if not in this life then in after life.


Travel alone

By Aastikta Sharma
Illustration: Fausto Nazer

Travel alone

Fascinated by people’s
experience of wandering and
seeing the beauty of the world,
I decided to travel alone.
Packed my bags with excitement,
and keeping my little hat on.
Made a perfect list of spots,
While putting my favorite red dress on.
Little have I imagined,
the wonders this world beholds
But what awaits in the future,
is surely to be looked upon.

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