Trust no man

Trust no man

Quinn, on Instagram Quinneste_ wrote a poem inspired by a traumatic event. Trust no one isn’t really that kind of fairytale as one might think, even though it starts with a sentence that is used in fairytales.

About the poet

The poetry that Quinn posts on her page are inspired by things she experienced. When asked about this poem, she explained that she would rather not say what it is precisely about. We respect that. We respect the fact that she shares, but to a certain level. She did explain who she is:

I’m a 22 year old English major from British Columbia, Canada, and I’ve been writing poetry for as long as I can remember.

Trust no man

By Quinn

Trust no man

Once upon a time
I was a person who love to be
I was affectionate and warm and
I could fall asleep in anyone’s arms

but then
I feel myself recoil
at the hands of anyone
whether their intensions are pure
or not

how horrible that
in one night
that innocent girl
was forced to run away
without looking back

I think I’ll sleep alone



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