Twinkle of love

Twinkle of love

She writes poetry in both English and Spanish. She wrote a beautiful poem; a fairy tale. About true love and the ability to show yourself. This is the poem Twinkle of love, by Diane Hill.

About the poet

Diane Hill writes poetry and shares her work on Instagram. She writes in English and Spanish.

I’ve been a writer all my life but circumstances kept me too busy to do anything about it. Now those obligations are over and I am pursuing my dream.  I love storytelling so those pieces are dear to my heart but if I had to encapsulate everything down to one, this says it all.

When we asked her what poem she is really proud of, she stated that it are all her children and making a choice is impossible. We chose the poem

About the poem

This poem is about a fairy queen and king who ruled together, not only as consorts but as soul mates. She always knew that when their lives ended they would meet in the next life. So she kept some fairy dust hidden in her eyes and when they met again, even though he was unaware of their previous life together, his soul recognized her by the twinkle.

Diane is worth to follow on Instagram. You can find her work by following this link.

Twinkle of love

By Diane Hill

Twinkle of love

He fell in love with the
merry twinkle in her eye.
He never knew that in her
previous life, she ruled as
the Fairy Queen.
She had a little magic dust
as she left her former realm,
and she hid it very well.
She knew she would find her
king again and she brought it
forward just for him.


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